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July 13, 2013
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January 12, 2014

Ghana Cultural Experience 2013

        Home Coming Nov 2013- On arrival the group where very tired but happy to have landed in the motherland which was a first for some of the guests. In the morning we were blessed by the local chiefs with the pouring of libation as a welcoming for a safe journey to be guided by the ancestors.

Akwaaba Blessings Day 1 (13)

During the Accra City Tour we visited Independence Square where we rejoiced under the black star gate arch. We proceeded to Kwame Nkrumah mausoleum for a lecture about our first president and finally to the cultural centre to do some bartering for cloths, arts and crafts.

 black star gate

Breakfast was always a delight with mouth watering local fruits and millet porridge which always went down a treat with the guests whilst conversing overlooking the sea with a breeze made it all so special.  Local boys from the village climbed trees for coconuts – and in true entrepreneur style sold them to make some small change. I could not believe that Pru had not had a jelly coconut before, so it was her moment.

coconut boy 

Cape coast – During the 2 days at cape coast in the central region we visited 2 dungeons – Elmina and Cape Coast. Offerings of food, lit candles and prayers were delivered for our ancestors who we lost during the Maafa.
Remeberence cape coast

Very early in the morning we headed to Kumasi and our first stop was the Manhiya Palace. In Ntonso village it was great to see guests weave several rows of Kente cloth and stamp a group Adinkra cloth, which I now have in my living room.
Adrinkra stamping

At Kakum we climbed through the rainforest amongst bushes, and natures trees. Once at the top proceeded to the canopy walk, which I have done several times. To me its like walking planks floating in the air.

 canopy walk

Our tour leader ‘Powerful’ is the director of Project Okurase situated in the Eastern Region. Whilst on site it was great to see how the development of the Nkabom Center  has taken shape with one of the erected buildings. The unification of the village utilising their skills no matter how young was uplifting. We gave the children art and school supplies. Many of the guests enquired about giving back to the community by volunteering their services or through donations. It costs about £4 per bag of cement which is a vital element needed for building. So returning to London I set up the Bag of Cement campaign where you can donate for this good cause.

 Okurase gifts

I always enjoy the journey from Accra to Aburi due to the scenery of the Akwapem mountains and overlooking villages and towns in Ghana especially at night. Whilst in the botanical gardens there were a lot of people in the gardens having family lunch and jamming to music. Our guide educated us on the different medicinal purposes of the botanical plants but my highlight was the Calabash Tree.

 Calabash Tree

Our last day was spent in Akosombo at a resort called Afrikoko surrounded by beautiful gardens and the scenery view of the Volta lake. The boat ride took us in view of the dam, Adom Bridge and amongst the tall bushes we could see kwame Nkrumah first house which can only now be located by helicopter.

volta lake 

I love my drum and had 2 made carved with The Calabash Hub logo, but only managed to bring one back that was finished with red, gold and green painted strips at the top.
Calabash Drum

I had a wonderful 10 days showing my guests around a few regions of Ghana and since being back to London they are still indulging the memories of a cultural experience they said they will never forget. If you would like to taste this adventure then email your expression of interest for Ghana Cultural Experence 2014info@thecalabashhub.comLimited places.

Bless – Sister E

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