Ghana Tour 2019

The Ghana Cultural Experience took place in November 2019 with 16 guests from UK with African and Caribbean background.ย We had many laughs, educated, empowered, embraced culture, learnt from each other, ate delicious food, danced, drummed, networked with local, indigenous and Diaspora returnees within our travels. Despite accommodation challenges and long-distance travels to and from our destinations, we continued to plough through the itinerary and engage in activities. (read more on blog page Dis Be Ghana

We all wrote anonymously a statement or line that represented our time in Ghana, which was recommended and created into a poem by guest Kim Sheldon called: We Ghana

Calabash Hub experience is a great introduction covering the most important cultural and spiritual aspects of Ghana

Anne Reid

My connection with Ghana is set in my heart and my soul thanks to my trip with The Calabash Hub and the Ghana Cultural Experience.

Kim Sheldon

Insert your content heI went home. I enjoyed the atmosphere, people, hospitality from most.

Denise Ormsby

I came home & like the prodigal son, I was received with so much love from Ghana & it’s people that my mission now is to return.

Julia Moseley