Ghana Tour 2013

Ghana 2013 Reflection –  There are so many memorable moments that my head would spin thinking of them all. This group was totally different from the last group, but I had fun, learnt some things about myself, group dynamics and Westernisation impacts.


  • Funmi (Ghana 2011)
    Fantastic time, well done - you have to organise another trip.
    Funmi (Ghana 2011)
  • Jepson (Ghana 2015)
    I love the view from my window and listening to the sea. Its so relaxing here that I feel at home - I don't want to leave
    Jepson (Ghana 2015)
  • Oleanda (Ghana 2011)
    Thanks Sister E for this experience of a lifetime, that I shall always remember.
    Oleanda (Ghana 2011)
  • Alan (2017)

    As you know this was my third trip to Asaasi Yaa and I felt very at home and comfortable. Your below email brings back pleasant memories of all the wonderful activities we achieve whilst touring around in our big yellow bus.

    Alan (2017)
  • Eunice (Ghana 2014)
    Sis E, I personally would like to say thank you for organising the trip with such a variety of experiences that exceeded my expectations. I have been singing the praises of this trip to all who will listen. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to attend and will definitely continue  my 'African journey.'
    Eunice (Ghana 2014)
  • Jide (Ghana 2014)
    My immediate response is just a few words long. I had a great time, great host, country, itinerary and group. Well done for putting on another shows topper and may your business of bringing us closer to the Africa go from strength to strength.
    Peace Love & Unity
    Jide (Ghana 2014)
  • Dee (2017)
    If you have not been before you will have an amazing experience in a beautiful country...beautiful fresh food, friendly people. 10 days is not enough and I guarantee you will want to return very soon as I plan to go again in 2019
    Dee (2017)
  • Cezanne (Ghana 2014)
    Just to say thank you for organising such an interesting and cultural experience where I felt we had the best of both worlds; nice holiday resorts yet interacting with the locals!
    I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and just want to thank you personally for setting me on track to tracing my roots. I also enjoyed the group dynamics and felt the whole trip surpassed my expectations too.  Hope too see you all again soon!
    Cezanne (Ghana 2014)
  • Teleica (Ghana 2015)
    Thank you for all being great travel companions. I've had an amazing experience.
    Teleica (Ghana 2015)
  • Bea (Ghana 2014)
    I really wanted to say a big big thank you to you for agreeing to organise the trip this year I really enjoyed the trip it's a fantastic cultural experience that I will never forget and hope to do again soon ( next year lol )you have done extremely well managing to organise a cultural trip for the Diaspora with so many activities .you are truly an exceptional soul and truly blessed may the Ancestors continue to bless you to continue to organise The Ultimate Ghanian Cultural Experience trips as it really is a life changing experience , this trip has truly changed me and my heart is truly still in the motherland . Stay Blessed Sister E
    Peace and many blessings
    Bea (Ghana 2014)
  • Vanika (Ghana 2015)
    Thanks Sister E for a great trip. I definitely would love to go back to Ghana in the near future.
    Vanika (Ghana 2015)
  • Sandra (Ghana 2013)
    For me this trip really confirmed my connection with and love of all the positive things Africa has to offer. Thanks so much Sista E for organizing the trip and for your patience before, during and after. 
    Sandra (Ghana 2013)
  • Sonia (Ghana 2015)
    A wonderful experience with great company!  Learned a lot. Ghana was like waking up and seeing things with fresh eyes and having a fresh outlook. It certainly inspired me to invest more in my creative side. Bless you Sister E for taking us on the journey. I know all being well I shall return again soon! Ase
    Sonia (Ghana 2015)
  • Janice (Ghana 2015)
    Thanks for making the experience something I will not forget.
    Janice (Ghana 2015)
  • Mama J & Jepson (Ghana 2015)
    Thanks to all of you for making Ghana memorable. Special hugs to Sister E for organising the trip. Stay blessed
    Mama J & Jepson (Ghana 2015)
  • Tawana (Ghana 2015)
    Thank you Sister E and to everyone for making it such a great experience.
    Tawana (Ghana 2015)
  • Amenti (Ghana 2015)
    I just want to express a huge and heartfelt thank you to you all for an amazing journey. I am so glad I got to connect with you all and share in this experience. We had laughs, cried, expressed and connected deeply and I am great full and feel charge to walk forward supported by all. Going to Ghana definitely inspired me and offered me a route and passage out of here and back home. I saw where my strengths were really of benefit and how much I could learn from having a healthy connection with the motherland. All the pieces within are falling into place. I am watering those seeds - daily. I am focused and so grateful for the experience.
    Amenti (Ghana 2015)
  • Lenora (Ghana 2015)
    Thank you Sister E for arranging very much appreciate all your efforts. Couldn't have asked for a nicer group of people to experience my first journey to the African continent.
    Lenora (Ghana 2015)
  • Brian (Ghana 2015)
    Ghana experience has a positive impact in how I respond to negative influences within the community; focus on the positive energy; believe in the inner positive voice 9/10 is guiding you in the right direction.
    Brian (Ghana 2015)
  • Jenny & Andrew (Ghana 2013)
    I would like to say big massive thank you to Sister E for arranging this trip and everyone for making my holiday so enjoyable and informative. I certainly will not be forgetting my time spent with you all and I can't wait to see the photographs.
    Jenny & Andrew (Ghana 2013)
  • Henrietta (Ghana 2015)
    Africa is soul food for me. I always come back feeling more empowered, motivated, inspired and more guided in where I'm headed in life. Ghana has reaffirmed the beauty, essence and sacred of our land and people.
    Henrietta (Ghana 2015)
  • Don (Ghana 2019)
    Experience is the driver. My personal events emphasised that for me. I was really touched.
    Don (Ghana 2019)
  • Julia (Ghana 2019)
    I came home & like the prodigal son, I was received with so much love from Ghana & it's people that my mission now is to returnEvery day brought me so many memorable moments to treasure for the rest of my life
    Julia (Ghana 2019)
  • Kim (Ghana 2019)
    My connection with Ghana is set in my heart and my soul thanks to my trip with The Calabash Hub and the Ghana Cultural Experience.
    Kim (Ghana 2019)
  • Anne (Ghana 2019)
    Calabash Hub experience is a great introduction covering the most important cultural and spiritual aspects of Ghana.
    Anne (Ghana 2019)
  • Annette (Ghana 2019)
    Everyone should try and visit this country at least once in their lifetime
    Annette (Ghana 2019)
  • Denise (Ghana 2019)
    I went home. I enjoyed the atmosphere, people, hospitality from most
    Denise (Ghana 2019)
  • Lorna (Ghana 2018)
    It was wonderful meeting everyone in the group. The trip was up there as one of my most memorable experiences.
    Lorna (Ghana 2018)
  • Angela (2018)
    I'm still on an emotional high, and I'm guessing that its gonna take a while to process the last 10 days, however one word springs to mind - AMAZING - . Its been an amazing experience with amazing people in an amazing country.
    Angela (2018)
  • Jide (Ghana 2018)
    The experience was just a I've come to know it to be, real, authentic, informative, given and inspiring. The group members varied, engaging, motivating, hilarious, reflective and inspiring. Our host Ghana multi-layered with its simplistic complexity. A country where every person you stand near is an entrepreneur of one type or another, where its achievements and potential is a vast as its land mass. With glorious weather and food to compliment it, Ghana has never failed to excite me.
    Jide (Ghana 2018)
  • Jide (Ghana 2013)
    You cant get any better than this. To me this is not a holiday its a pilgrimage. A must for everybody. Your efforts for this trip have not gone unnoticed by me and the effect the trip has had on me is quite profound. I've fallen in love with Africa all over again. Ghana reaffirmed the admiration. respect, love and fondness that I have for my African self.
    Jide (Ghana 2013)
  • Taneisha (Ghana 2018)
    Lovely meeting you all. I had a real good time in Ghana and seen and done soo much but not had a holiday or break. I feel I missed out on a lot of sun, local foods and the beach too. I hope to return soon
    Taneisha (Ghana 2018)