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June 7, 2015
Head Wrap – Workshop
August 6, 2015

Fashion Inspired Art

Members of staff at The Norwood School organised a Fashion Inspired Art Week for students between 12-14yrs. I was invited by Nerea Olano to co-ordinate a Head Wrap Workshop on Tuesday. I  also invited my cousin to help me.

Norwood School Head Wrapping (6)

The students were split into 3 groups for the workshop to run for 1hr. 40mins each. There were up to 24 students in each group. At the beginning of each session I spoke about historical, reasons for head coverings, adornments, fabrics, styles.

I was impressed with the boys who really showed their talent and determination and always volunteered for me to demonstrate to wrap their heads. Although many of the clothes were bright and vibrant the boys did not mind, they just were determined to create a style that stayed on their heads.

Norwood School Head Wrapping (8)

Norwood School Head Wrapping (10)
Norwood School Head Wrapping (13)

It was a hot day, so the door to the classroom was open and many teachers passing stopped to take pictures and join in by having the students wrap their heads.

Norwood School Head Wrapping (15)
I even had many of the students tempt to wrap my head. A student used 2 pieces of fabric to create this stunning Nubian style with one of my favourite colours.

Norwood School Head Wrapping (17)
I received positive feedback from the teachers and students. I even tested the last group and asked questions about content of my talk. They really showed me that they listened, took notice and learnt a lot by answering all my questions.

Norwood School Head Wrapping (3)

At the end of the day I was tired but really enjoyed the whole day. I didn’t get to see what was going on in some of the other classes. The students were given a piece of material as a gift which they appreciated and some did not waist time wearing them around the school.

Its a wrap

bless Sister E

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