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December 31, 2015
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August 23, 2018

Exhibition Visits

So I attended 2 informative exhibitions in London

NO COLOUR BAR exhibition at Guildhall.

NoColourBar (1)
The exhibition is based on Guyanese-born Jessica and Eric Huntley who were pioneers, political activists, supporters of the artist movement that signified the radical cultural politics of the in the 1960’s and 1970’s. No Colour Bar was a banner slogan used for international struggle against racism.
The exhibition included sculptures, business and personal letters, books, artist’s expressions from the Caribbean and UK exploring identity, place, celebration and protest. There was a very large map of London showing where book shops were once operating.
bookshop ncb

We met daughter Accabre to which we had a lengthily discussion about black businesses and post political uprisings. She informed that many of the Huntley archive is with the London Metropolitan Archives.

Exhibition ends 24th January, 2016. However there are talks of taking the exhibition to other places.
Free admission. http://huntleysonline.com/f-h-a-l-m-a/bbaa-art-exhibition/

WORD, SYMBOL and SONG at the British Library.
wss br library poster
A collection of ancient oral traditions, artefacts, textiles, manuscripts, books, photographs music that showcases historical film and sound recordings of great West African empires.

I took my mentee who was fascinated by the vast amount of history. Its a great visual way of introducing the youth to our history. However I found it vital to add some of my knowledge. There is a vast amount of information to see and read, so I advise all visitors to attend early as it took us almost 3 hours to study each section.

exhib books

The exhibition runs until 16th February 2016 – £10, under 18 Free, Conc.

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