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September 8, 2012
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Eh Chale


After celebrating 2 days at the Spirit of Kwanzaa it was time to leave the cold weather to much sunnier climates – West Africa -Ghana. I usually repeat the words ‘I am going to Ghana’ consistently as it prepares me without a ticket to actually buy one. As last year I just turned up at the airport without ticket on 30th December 2011 and will not do that again (I say with raised eyebrows).

The month of February was hot hot hot at least 35 Celsius and it was also Harmattan in Ghana. Harmattan usually starts to occur in December, is a dry and dusty wind that blows south of the Sahara desert into the Gulf of Guinea. The dust can be seen in far distances as a heavy fog as everything gets covered in dust. People find breathing difficulties, red eye and dry lips.

This tropical weather made me sleep sleep sleep that my dad wondered if I was ok as, I spent afternoons chilling and sleeping until my belly rumbled for some big Mango, Waakye or Yam. It wasn’t always peaceful as someone within the community was always playing loud music or having a party. We had ‘light off’ everyday – which is no electric for longer than I expected (up to 6hrs somedays) – this made me drink plenty of water and sleep even more, as I couldn’t put the fan on or watch African movies, and got lazy to go out to town.


Eh Chale, but we had electric when football was showing on the TV, as it was the African Nations Cup which started on 19th January and ended on 10th February. Ghana did appalling, as in the quarter round they were beaten by Burkina Faso on penalties and lost out on 3rd place toMali (3-1). The cup was won by Nigeria (1-0) who played against Burkina Faso, after 19years since they last regained the Cup.

I made my usual stop bys to the cultural centre in Accra to great my bro/sis with their creativity. I would spend all day at the centre – not intentially – as its very hard to just great people and walk away, especially as most people know me now.


Although I love all the baskets at this stall (a have a few at home), I did not buy any this time – but just admired them. Wish id have bought this green one. I also decided not to buy loads of material and take to my seamstress to make me dresses, but I bought some really nice ready made dresses from Osu. 

I arranged to meet Korkor Kugblemu of The Body Butter Co who is an entrepreneur who makes her own natural body and bath products. We met at Smoothies in Osu. I had coconut, carrot juice, orange and other tropical fruit in my smoothie – it was nice and refreshing. We discussed her lovely range of natural products. Korkor has exhibited her products at events and provides for parties and special occasions and at the Fashionista GH Shopping Festival. I immediately started to use Vanilla black soap  and the body oil which smelt Devine. I will use the hair product range once I take out my single twitsted braids – ( I will do a review on The Body Butter products over the coming months).  I was honoured to be gifted with the Shea Honey Conditioner, Moisture on the Go, Frankincense Body Oil, Eucalyptus Hair Moose, Shea Coconut Hair Oil, Chocorange Body Mouse and Black Vanilla Body Wash.

After 3 weeks of sleeping, family, friends, sun, food, taxi and Accra Traffic it was time to pack my cases with wonderful goods and return back to cold London. But, Eh Chale, I picked up the phone and called the airline and yes that’s right – another week – yeah! –

The land I went to view with my friend had really nice views by the lake and had very good business potential.

By the time I had packed the case with Black Soap, Cocoa Butter, Bags, Carvings and Headwraps I knew my luggage was definately over the 23kg each case limit.

I will be back to Ghana in November 2013 for the Ultimate Ghanaian Cultural Experience. Want to join me – contact for futher info and booking form.

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