Earthstrong 2015
June 26, 2015
Days For Girls
November 26, 2018

Earthstrong 2018

So I started earthday celebrations early this year – ummmm because I can. I tend to go on holiday away from the UK weather,  but as I was already in the motherland I thought I would make the most of my free time. I travelled 2 hours by 3 trotro (local mini bus) to the southeast coast – just outside greater Accra to a village called Ada Foah. I was grateful to be escorted for the weekend by my friend who is from the village.

My first stop was to meet Larwah who resides in Ghana from UK. He has built and expanding a lodge resort by the Volta lake.

Also because of the scenic river fronts, beach huts the village attracts a lot of visitors especially for peace and tranquillity, water sports and their festival.

So half way took a motor bike via the sandy and red mud roads through small side streets over rock stones – laaaawd what an adventure. Then had to trek through the shanti town village with houses made of mud, straw and woven leaves. Small children escorted us through peoples compounds and back alleys until we reached the beach.

After trekking for 20mins along the beach coastal line we came to the end where the Volta River meets the Atlantic ocean. I was so tired and my feet were saying no no no to traipsing again – so was happy to pay the money to get the boat back – which was a lovely relaxing ride over the volta lake. In the evening had a nice dinner at a local spot whilst watching Servia v Nigeria ( say no more about the score oooo), but got so much jokes only because of the way the locals were cussing the game.


Also visited Aqua safari resort. The place is very nice if you have a large pocket you can enjoy yourself. So after a long weekend headed back to the 2 hour journey to Accra town this time only 2 trotro – different route.

Earthstrong Part 2
Started the day under the avocado tree doing my morning affirmation giving thanks and blessings for lifes journey this year and guidance for the path ahead of me – and to stay focused and patience.

So as to savour the day – off to a very late brunch at a place called Second Cup in Osu downtown Accra. Dont know why I ordered the croissant as the granola fruit blend was enough. So after filling up my stomach it was time for some pampering at Marie Noelle Spa .

In the evening was joined by family and friends at my cousins restaurant – Shadis Spot in Labone. Giving thanks for all the earthday messages and blessings.

Sister E

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