Ghanaian Cultural Experience 2015
March 2, 2015
Earthstrong 2018
June 20, 2018

Earthstrong 2015

Morocco  – Marrakesh
Morocco, a North African country bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, is distinguished by its Berber, Arabian and European cultural influences.

Morocco arrive (6)              

Wed 17th June – Upon arrival I was amazed at the beautiful architecture of the airport. I stayed at the Dellarosa hotel and on entering my room was nice and big just like a studio flat. Located within 15mins walking distance to the medina and new town. When I told the driver I was Ghanaian he loved it, I tested this on several locals and decided that that was my motto lines to use during first conversations.

Thursday 18th June. I studied the booklet of things to do in Marrakech, got my map and booked several excursions and day trips. It was also the start of Ramadam.
Morocco day1 (5)
Friday 19th June Earth-date.

Morocco day2 (2)
City tour of the Madina by foot through Jemaa El Fna with a guide who led me through the cobbled old town whilst sharing some of the history of the people, jewish quarters,royal  palace, palace Bahia, gardens, souks.

I wasn’t paying much attention, due to being tired from walking in the scorching heat. However I did pay attention when the guide mentioned that the ceiling was made out of Gold from Ghana (will research further)

Morocco day2 (10)
I watched how the women made Argon Oil and listened and tested a variety of oils, creams, potions which I purchased. It was great walking through the bewildering Souks.

Morocco day2 (25)

Morocco day2 (30)

 Intricate and lit lanterns, magic carpets and wonderful aromas of herbs and spices and colourful displays of Moroccan art, bronze, traditional ceramics, leather wares. You can easily get lost amongst the many avenues.

Morocco day3 (10)

In the evening I set off to the Fantasia Moroccan Dinner and Folklore Show which took place in  a Spectacular Chez Ali Restaurant and surrounding courtyard. On arrival was greeted by row of horses.  On entering the place was alive with entertainment from singers, dancers which grabbed me to dance and I was then showered with people taking pictures. The restaurant was inside traditional Caidal tents where I shared a table with 6 people and the food came in abundance – very large portions . Every 10 mins a group of musicians and dancers entered the room, i had to hide my face as they always wanted me to get up. After the Tanjin dinner we sat in the courtyard and watched the Arabian night show which consists of men doing acrobatics on horseback, gun firing and belly dancer.

Morocco day2 eve (8)

 Saturday 20th June. Horse and Carriage sightseeing at night time. It was amazing to see when we approached the roundabout as the horse trotted along dodging cars, motorcycles, donkeys. We went to the square which was filled with people, dancers, charmers, vendors. Stopped off at an herbal and spice and healing shop where I purchased some frankincense and aromas.
Morocco day3 (32)

On my earth-day Sunday 21st (I was born on a Sunday)  I went on a Camel ride through the Agdal gardens amongst the palm trees and sand. The guides kept calling me Mama Africa and gave me the biggest/tallest camel. I felt that I was so high. It got used to the bumpy ride at first, then after 30mins didn’t need to hold on so tight to the reigns. 

Morocco day4 (8)
In the evening I treated myself to a Hammon Spa with argon oil and natural creams. 

Morocco day4 eve (11)

Monday 22nd June. Very early in the morning I went out of Marrakech and took a 2 half our journey to Tanaghmeilt in the province of Azilal to visit Cascade Ouzuod waterfalls. Ouzuod means ‘the act of grinding grain’ in Berber language. They are 110m high and very picturesque. 
Morroco day5 (13)

 Little did i know that I had to take a 1hour trek in order to get down the bottom of the waterfall. But i was determined to do it. Spectacular views, rainbows and monkeys along the way.  

Morroco day5 (26)

Morroco day5 (1)
Ended the day with lunch overlooking the waterfall, strolled around the shops and took the long spiral stair way back to the top.

Tuesday 23rd June. chilled and relaxing day with a book.

Morocco day1 (1)
Wednesday 24th June Goodbye – I met many people who were very friendly which i was able to chill out with at breakfast, join on excursions and by the pool area. A very enlighted 7 day experience which I was able to reflect on the past year, me-time and look forward to what the divine spirit had lined up for me.

bless – Sister E

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