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Day of the Goddess


International women’s day takes place on March 8th and during this month there are many community events for empowering women. Internaitonal Womens Day commenced in 1900’s to celebrate womens economic, political and social achievement.

One of the highlights is of course the Day of the Goddess is the brainchild of Aamasade and Redhed QI who since 2006 then every year since 2010 have held an inspirational and energetic event at the Unity Centre in Harlesden which is always sold out.

I have been fortunate to be a stall holder since 2011. dotg 2013 took place on 23rd March with the title – In full Sense of My Crown. Tickets from £15 – £23 included lunch and entry into the raffle. I always ensured that I select one of my African print dresses which I am blessed to have so many due to my seamstress in Ghana.

The main hall was decorated and draped with tie and dye cloth, posters and there were several tables with products and libation artefacts. The main hall was a picture of colour as sisters wore there African printed dresses with pride and it was nice to catch up with Abena and Empress P, Sharon and Vanessa.

There was an amazing creative artwork made by Carl Gabriel called Amarna Princess Akhenaton Egypt which was made out of steal galvanised wire, which was so intricately made from every angle, that I could not stop staring at this beautiful sculpture.

The event began with a drum call and blessing with libation by Aamasade. The room was cleansed with essence. The stalls were situated in the side room and I was fortunate to be reserved my usual spot which I was thankful. As usual I abandoned my stall to join the sisters in the main room. We were entertained by the Harambee drummers who took us back to Africa with chanting, dancing and drum beats. 

There were several workshops undertaken by Ebele – the mango queen, food for thought from Leah, performers by Beloved and Nsaa Nefeteri and inspirational words by Esther Austin. Raffle. The event ended with empowerment messages by Sandra Richards. At previous years my stall holder neighbour was  Nsaa Nefeteri but this time she was performing to of her best raps. There was a presentation by ACLT about the importance of giving blood for bone marrow match.

The food was really nice I chose the vegetarian options which consisted of sweet potato, dumpling and vegetable stew, seasonal rice and salad – which I seasoned with Debrose hot pepper sauce which she now sells and had a stall for the first time at the event. It was nice to unify with Oleader who had made some amazing cakes, Kareen (Dres Designs), Zola (Greenshack), Charmain (BHS), Ivie (Djed), Afiya (Livity Herbs), Debrose (LibRaw), Conscious prints and Aziza. There was a stall holder who has a business is called Empress selling home made scented candles that I purchased and a sister that makes bath melts that look and smell good enough to eat.




The day went so quick as usually but I had a very pleasant enlightening day amongt Goddesses. I did not take much pictures, but check out Day of the Goddess gallery 

Give thanks to Aamasade and RedIQ for all there hard work and effort and I’m looking forward to Day of the Goddess – 2014.
blessings – Sister E

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