Blogging 101

BLOGGING 101: How to create content and monetize your blog.

Pa Gya Literacy Festival organised by the Writers Project of Ghana takes place with a schedule of workshops to improve writing and performance from 18th – 20th October.  Naa Dzamah and Babs Ofori will be running a Blogging 101 workshop on Friday 18th October. We look forward to seeing you there.

Background: In Ghana it is inevitable that there is an increase in bloggers aka content writers/creators especially in tourism, fashion and business that has shaped Ghana as a place to visit and do business. Whether blogging for personal, hobby, business or professional this can be done from the comfort of your home, office, environment or social space. Businesses have thrived and gained audience attraction from bloggers producing product/service reviews, event evaluations, podcast, vlogs sharing on YouTube, interviews from a blogger or vlogger. Bloggers take an important role in promoting and marketing business product or service and even being employed as social media representatives.

Who is the workshop for: This workshop is for all bloggers, vloggers and content writers – whether new or professional, writing for business or pleasure. To network and connect with bloggers from different sectors, learn from experiences and collectively share ideas to commence as a new blogger or to excel further.