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September 16, 2012
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September 24, 2012

Bespoked by M&H

BESPOKED by Melissa & Huguette

The Uzima Expo was approaching and I did not know what to do with my hair. As I usually braid myself, wear a headwrap, or leave hair in an Afro. However I was fortunate to be treated for a late Earthday gift. So the only answer I could think of was to arrange an appointment to get BESPOKED, so that’s what I did 3 days before Uzima Expo on Wed 25th July.

BESPOKE Hair Styles is owned by Melissa and Huguette who are traditional locks & Sisterlocks consultants, Flat Twist design specialists, Natural hair stylists and braiders.

Just before reaching the front door I was met by Huguette with her children and as soon as the door opened I was welcomed with open arms by Melissa into her home. After being introduced to the whole family I sat down in a comfortable chair and explained what kind of style I would like. In no time Melissa & Huguette were designing a pattern on my hair, without any pulling and pure tlc. I did not see what they were doing in the mirror but I felt confident. Whilst my hair was being BESPOKED I watched on the laptop images that Melissa & Huguette had created.They are both trained as sisterlocs specialists, I was surprised to find out that they had only launched together since August 2011. I remember the first time I saw them was at Natural Noir in February 2012 where they had created  and sculptured the models hair. So as they got to work we started to laugh and jist in true African style about haircare,Africa, Events, family, business, community.


I was having so much fun that I cant event remember how long they took – the time went quick. We took some nice pictures as I modelled for Mellissa like I was on a photo shoot. I loved my style so much that I wanted to keep it in as long as 4 weeks. So I tried to maintain hair as best as possible using a daily spritz with water, coconut and aloe vera juice, sealed with shea butter, and covered at night time with a silk scarf.

Week 1 – Compliments and TLC. I received many compliments at work and from friends I saw during the week and also at the event and everyone was asking me where I got my hair done.

Week 2 – Baby twists. During week 2, I removed the pins to have a bit of a bounce.

Week 3 – Washed and single twists undone to form a frohawk.

Week 4 – flat twists undone, conditioned and washed. Formulated a simple conditioner of almond milk, hemp oil and manuka honey heated together, applied then wrapped in cling fling, then covered with a head wrap before going to work.


Have you been BESPOKED by M&H?

Contact details:     Bespkoke Hair Styles Fan Page

 @HairByMH                            07939 218372



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