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April 24, 2020
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May 31, 2020

Beet Break-Fast


My belly used to rumble, but I have it down to a T – what to drink, time of day and quantity. But I try and stick by my top 10 tips to get through the day.

Coming up to nearly 4 years now I have been juice fasting on the First Friday of every month (FFF). I remember the first time I partook whilst being at work. I loaded the office fridge with sobolo, orange juice, water, green juice. Every minute taking a squig and running to the toilet. In the morning I would already be thinking about what food I would eat to break my fast and when at home I used to clock watch. Well all that has changed now.. I am well prepared and concentrate on the importance of detoxing and cleansing the body.

Preparation is key , very important words of wisdom. You do not wish to be hungry and there is nothing prepared that you can grab especially if at home. Also do not leave the house without packing a juice or water in your bag. Unless you are a trooper and kick it around your favourite spot that sell natural drinks.

In the early mornings of fast I try to wake by 5am to give thanks, meditate and bring forth affirmations whilst burning incense. In the evening I usually break fast about 6pm or the next morning around 10am. For the past month I have been juice fasting one day per week as part of Self-Love ( what-is-self-love ) and for FFF up to 2 days. I am proud with my achievement as this month FFF I made it to not 1 but 3 days.

So due to my yearning for potato chips I knew that would be on my plate but what with? – With a vast amount of vegetables I was spoilt for choice. But due to a home delivery of fresh vegetables from Sowgreen organic farms. I decided to make beetroot burgers.

Delicious Beetroot Burger or Spread

3 Beetroot grated
1 Carrots grated
1 onion finally chopped
6 tbs Peanut butter or sesame seed butter
1 cup cannoli beans

selection of herbs ie coriander, thyme, cumin
chilie pepper and black pepper and salt
1 cup Oat bran flour (flour of choice)

Process or blend beetroot and carrots together and sieve excess water.
Add remaining ingredients,  blend and store in fridge for 2 hours.
Shape and bake either in oven for 20 mins on medium heat or fry lightly on each side for a crispy coating.

Made 8 burgers and also kept some mixture aside to eat raw and use as spread and a side dip.

I broke juice fast with a gratitude prayer and chopped away. To be honest I could of continued for another day. As after finished cooking I wasn’t that hungry – but enjoyed the delicious food.

Recommended books
Paradise Health  –  Khepra Anu
Sacred Woman – Queen Afua

Maybe next time I will Juice Fast for 7 days – well that’s a challenge
bless Sister E

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