Spirit of Kwanzaa
January 17, 2011



This is a platform dedicated to grassroots origins inspired by culture and traditions, hair and body care, mother earth, soul and spirituality, health and wellbeing.   We are blessed with brothers and sisters who have unified with their Afri-centricity and naturality. We have gained knowledge and wisdom, but if it is not shared then where is the love?   

So, Back To Our Roots is born      


sankofaDo you embrace our roots and culture?

sankofaAre you looking to increase your wardrobe with cultural apparel?  

sankofa Do you love mother earth gifts?   

sankofaHave you transitioned into a natural afro hair beauty, thinking about it, know all about it?  

sankofa Do you have any interested stories about traditions and culture?   

sankofaAre you on a journey within the Diaspora?      

sankofaAre you on a lifestyle change or health conscious?   


We welcome your stories, views, opinions, comments, journals, tips, styles, inspirations, pictures, inner beauty in order for us to grow. Be inspired, come follow or walk alongside!   


‘A natural revolution
going back to our roots
the journey continues’
Let’s grow!!


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