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May 4, 2013
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Art Exhibition at 639


The last time I went to an art exhibition was at the Oxo Tower about 1yr ago. So it was a pleasure to be invited by Cezanne to an art exhibition organised by Rising Generations which was incorporated into the opening (10th – 22nd May) of the 639 Enterprise Centre, Tottenham, N15. This is an image of the building (year n/k) which was up until recently used as the Haringey planning offices and customer service centre.

art exhibition tottenham 2013

The building has been restored and transformed into a variety of spaces that has offices, youth organisations, conference rooms, boardroom and a cafe on the ground floor. The exhibition called Rising Generations – Art of Tottenham was an innovative series of exhibitions celebrating and promoting the inspiring arts being produced in the local area that took place between.

639 enterprise building
369 Tottenham High Road

Cezanne is a visual and spoken word artist, and author of the highly acclaimed. She was not only showcasing her artwork, but also copies of her first poetry collection on CD called Seeds of Love and her Self help novel ‘Single, Spiritual… AND Sexual’ which features her artwork and poetry.

art exhibition cezanne

Ayesha Feisal a London born artist of African/Lebanese origin specialised in original paintings, prints and greeting cards. Her art is a mix of African culture and personal experiences. The human figure is a central theme, through which she explores ideas of enlightment, self awareness and perception. The flamboyant use of colour and emotive provides an energetic quality to the paintings.

Ayesha Feisal

Titchelle Norman is an upcoming contemporary Sculptor Artist and printmaker. She is the founder and creative director of ThreeHouseGallery in North London. Her passion and sound knowledge of contemporary art and culture has led her into significant projects.

Tichelle Norman

Ade Ogundimu bought up in Nigeria combines traditional African painting with contemporary art.He has a string of academic qualifications which includes printing, photolithography, painting and studied Pop Art at Oxford University His paintings are about life in general, they explore the range of daily human life, social injustices, real situations.. Ade thinks art as a personal and deep expression of one’s own ideas. His work explores the poetry of texture, shape, colour and light.

Ade Ogundimu

This is one of my favourite paintings by self taught Ghanaian artist Edward Ofosu who wanted to be an artist from age 11. He embraces his creative talent and shares with others. His work is versatile and he likes to experiment with various mediums and forms of artwork. He bases is art on realism but likes exploring with an abstract style. In 2009 he was runner up of the Artist of the Year Award and recently has been given a scholarship to study at the Hampstead School of Art. Teaching ipad painting.

art exhibition tottenham 2013 (17)

Where is I – we all seems to be carrying this I but is it many I’s or one I acting as many and where is it located, is it inside the mind or outside of us, is it a thought or an idea to identify with’.



It was a very nice day being surrounded by artistic talent.

blessings – Sister E

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