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Ancestral Libation Day

We gathered as a community on Saturday 13th June in Accra to pour libation in honour of our ancestors. The gathering was initiated by African Americans who commemorate annually in June and welcomed African Diaspora around the world to pay tribute to the Ancestors of the middle passage. The International Coalition to Commemorate African Ancestors of the Middle Passage (ICCAAMP) The People of the Sun Tribute to the Ancestors of the Middle Passage (check out FB)

Our initiation was coordinated by Nana Kofi Odzefo (Traditional Priest) at 12pm on Mikenzy beach in Kokrobite, Accra. Brothers and sisters dressed in white as a symbol of liberation and bought food and drink as offerings.

Purpose of the Ceremony
we as Africans in our traditions and cultures we live with the ancestors as their spirit lives on therefore we communicate, seek help and guidance. Specifically, directly died during the capture from Africa and along the route, during the middle passage and barbaric treatment on the land – known as the Maafa. We chose the beach as it is symbolic with the connection with the waters that drove our Ancestors forcefully away.

Why offering was made
Pouring Libation is a traditional belief and ritual of Africans and the Diaspora worldwide to Ancestors and Gods. On Saturday we gathered in a communal setting dressed in white attire as a symbol of liberation, mourning their death and rejoicing with them for our spirits to be rekindled. We offered fruits, honey, bread, nuts, Oto and ate with them. Various drinks can be poured for the libation, but on this occasion, we used Palm Oil, Water and Akpeteshie.

Prayers to the Ancestors

knocked on the doors of ancestors, spoke to them we are sons and daughters we have come to be with them to serve food and drink, enjoy their presence to rekindle our spirits, our love, purpose in life, help accomplish destiny. Made a call to say blacks all over the world are suffering. Because of this we want them to come and help us win the war. The world lacks and needs leadership and Africa is only country to provide leadership. But the same world is suppressing us- that is why we need to reclaim our position in the world. Thank for all good things for they have done, coming to be with us and all that will happen ahead of us. We are doing all for the children and next generation.

In conjunction from the calling of the International coalition to commemorate the ancestors of the middle passage that takes place every 2nd weekend in June since 2016. We continued at 12pm ET, 4pm Ghana time to individual pour a special libation to our direct Ancestors.

For the rest of the day we reasoned, ate lunch and shared stories whilst overlooking and listening to the ocean. It was a sad and joyful occasion in one day, but I left with peace, light and strength to continue my life journey.

Bless Sister E (Naa Dzamah

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