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September 6, 2014
Kitchen Treasures
October 6, 2015

An Apple A Day

The apple tree at the back of my garden annually produces very large green apples. Well we have heard the saying ‘An Apple a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away. due to apples being rich in antioxidants, flavonoids and dietary fibre.

Well, I am not a fan of apples and can recall only using the apples once which I stewed and had with ice cream. Since then they have been given to neighbours, work colleagues, family and friends.

I recently purchased a dress from Gebra of Black Star Clothing which he kindly delivered to my house.  He took pictures in the garden and noticed the apples on the tree. He made an appointment to return when they became ripe and do some fruit picking. He even bought his own bags.

apple (7)

apple (6)

Well at least he made good use of them in his natural juices.

apple (11)

apple (12)

Maybe next season I will pick the apples and make my own smoothies
bless – Sister E

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