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August 5, 2015
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April 12, 2017

Akua Rites of Passage Programme

I recently joined Akuah – Rites of Passage programme to become a mentor for young girls in London.
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AKUAH provides a positive context for female development to assist young women in attaining the knowledge, skills and acceptance of the responsibilities, privileges and duties of an adult member of society thereby promoting positive, and effective life choices.

The programme is developed by the community for the community and is run by a dedicated team of females which consists of teachers, youth and social workers who volunteer their time, skills and knowledge to mentor young girls.

After the launch of the 2015 programme in June we continued to meet at the New Initiatives community centre in Clapham most Mondays. We had sessions in order to bond and share ideas. This also included dance & drum sessions, head wrapping and a creative workshop where I made an apron.

drum and dance

akua sewing class

sewing class (1)

The young girls also went on a residential before the programme started.residential
We had our first matching session in September.
matching session
A few weeks later I arranged to met with my mentee in a local library where we began to create vision boards based on short term goals.

bless Sister E

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