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January 30, 2015
Africa Utopia
September 14, 2015

African Film Festival

On Saturday 12th September I went to the African Film Festival at Busseywood Building in Peckham organised by Vashti Henry and Kunga Dred.

busseywood film festival

With my friend Ashanti Michele we watched classic films back to back created by new and emerging African artists.

film festival (7)
One of my favourite documentaries was Polyglot written by Amelia Umuhire and starring her actress sister Babiche Papaya who is also a rapper. A Berlin based web series about  her sisters quest to find an affordable Altbau-Wohnung. It was great and enticing listening to their story from Congo to the barriers and politics they faced whilst living in Germany.

film festival (1)

It was also great to link up with members of the Black Cinema Club organised by my good friend Jide. On the 2nd floor was an African Market full of created artistry. The day was a great educational experience, thereafter we enjoyed jamming at the finale to the festival hosted by Nat Nye and Stella Bell-Gam and being entertained by spoken word artist El Crisis and singers Native Sun.

 film festival (3)
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 bless Sister E

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