UZIMA Expo – 2012
September 12, 2012
Bespoked by M&H
September 21, 2012

African Fashion Week London


AFWL took place in Spittlefieds Market Hall on Friday 3rd and Sat 4th August. This 2 day event is in its second year and I was fortunate to attend the 1st one in 2011 on the second day (sat).This time I managed to go on Friday, but did not arrive til 1hr after the show commenced. It’s the first time that I have been to the square and was amazed of how much shops and eateries there where. The camera and video men/women where situated in one spot like the paparazzi. I was lucky to sit on a chair which was a scrabble for some people. But I found wherever you sat or stood you were able to see as the platform was raised adequately.  There were so much gorgeous dresses but not all the designs were tailored with African print.


There were more exhibitors than last year which was nice to see so much talent that had been put through the design room and sewing machines, that I felt like I was in a large African wardrobe.  It was nice to see new and known faces and exhibitors such as Joli Create and Prempreh Accessories and to meet some naturlisters that complimented me on my large wooden earings. Alongside the apparell and assesories was a stall selling jollof rice and plantain which I couldn’t resist a plate based on the sweet seasoned smell and my stomach telling me – yes please!



It was a pleasant sunny day out on a Friday at the AFWL 2012 to mark the beginning of August Mosiah Month.

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