African Film Festival
September 14, 2015
Africa on the Square
October 11, 2015

Africa Utopia

On Sunday I was given a day pass to Africa Utopia at the Royal Festival Hall.
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Outside was a food court where you could buy spicy or vegan food and event quench your thirst with a coconut.
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I listened to a couple of talks and debates hosted by Hanna Pool about the development of Africa.
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The market area was buzzing where it was great to see exhibitorsย House of Loulee, Lekia Lee, Dionne Ible. I purchased an ankh incense holder and some natural soap from Ndulge.

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There was some creative sections where you can get your hair braided by Braidbox, make mosaics with Dionne and jewellery makingย with Vickies Jewels.

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africa utopia (16)

It was a pleasure to catch up with friends throughout the day.
bless Sister E

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