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September 14, 2015
Happy New Beginnings
December 31, 2015

Africa on the Square

On Saturday I went to Africa on the Square (Trafalgar), to celebrate art and culture which was co-hosted by Usifu Jalloh known as the Cowfoot Prince and programmed by Open The Gate.

Africa on the Sq (1)

It was great listening to live performances by Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Tanzanian, Ethiopian and Ghanaian artists. We were entertained with music, fashion show, drumming circle, acrobats and childrens workshops.

Africa on the Sq (14)

Surrounding the square was colourful tents where creative vendors displayed their African wears, arts & crafts.

Africa on the Sq (47)
Africa on the Sq (33)

Africa on the Sq (34)
Africa on the Sq (30)
The food lines were long and vendor Jollof Pot was very popular as they sold out of Jollof rice.
Africa on the Sq (15)
The music and entertainment was great but disapointed that the crowd were not rocking as much but chillin. Well at least it did not rain this year.
I met up with some friends

Africa on the Sq (44)
melisa and me
I purchased a very nice bowl from Joli Creat with a nice head wrap design.

Africa on the Sq (23)
Bless Sister E

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