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August 18, 2022
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Accra City Walking Tour

Walking Tour – We started our walking tour at the Lighthouse in James Town all fresh and ready to go and finished a few hours later at Independence Square tired, hot and hungry but knowledgeable.  I was delighted to host a group currently living in Accra on a Walking Tour, sharing my knowledge of Ga-Daŋgbɛ (Ga-Daŋgmɛ) townships, lifestyle, colonial period, festivals, market, monuments, iconic buildings and street landmarks.

Lighthouse  – The current structure was built in 1930’s to replace the original built in 1871. It consists of a stone tower with lantern and gallery, attached to a keeper’s house. Its sole purpose was to direct ships coming into the port. 

Historical Information – We kept on the main road, walking passed James and Ussher Fort until we reached Makola market. The market can be a hustle and bustle experience and overwhelming to many due to crowds, noise, fast pace and street scene. So because everyone had been to the market before, we just entered the outskirts, walked up a few flights of stairs for the view. I did not know until this year that the monument nearby Rawlings Park is the statue of King Tackie Tawiah 1. He was the 20th King of the Ga people, fought many wars and supported the local people against colonial unfairness.

Questions – Usually a full walking tour would be from Lighthouse to the Museum of Ghana. But the group opted to just walk to Independence Square – a wise choice as the weather was hot and the children were tired. The children had 10 questions to answer along the route and everyone did really well and listened tentatively to answer the questions, as there were prizes. 


Experience Accra – Take time out to discover, as Accra is not just about tall buildings, restaurants, shops, bars and apartments. There is so much history on these Accra streets that can be missed if you don’t immerse yourself amongst the Ghanaian locals, tour guides or a historian.

(Sister E and Kwaku – Certified Tour Guides)

Hosting a few walking tours has made me want to research other parts of Accra, so I can share with you also.

Bless Sister E

ps: give thanks to Andie Stewart for taking our pictures throughout the walk)

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